A List Of 12 Decent Titles For A Math Research Paper

When you have to write a research paper for a math class, whether it’s for pre-calc or trigonometry, it gets complicated at once. The first and the hardest part is to find a good topic, as there seems to be a shortage of interesting and what’s more important, not worn-out ideas. In fact, math is so much more than numbers and there are so many amazing things you can write about.
Inspiring Ideas For A Research Paper In Mathematics
The best part about math is that you can easily connect it to life or other spheres. That’s why even a person who is far away from math can write that college paper. Of course, you can always buy a research paper to spare some time, but a topic really doesn’t have to be complicated.

  1. The history of calculus.
    This is probably the easiest one, and it’s still purely about math. A student has to research how did calculus begin, evolve, and if it’s still changing now.
  2. Did Pythagoras discover his theorem by pure chance?
    It’s hard to find one solid proof here, but you should review some theories and check out different sources to understand what inspired him for that theorem.
  3. How is math applied in physics?
    This is a really broad topic, yet it’s clear that math and physics are closely linked together. You can either write about how it was connected before or choose something more modern or even futuristic and tell how those branches cooperate now.
  4. The role of math during a specific period in history.
    For that, you can choose the Renaissance or any other period. How did math change that society, what was its role, was it important or not?
  5. Math in the early Arabic world.
    What was the role of math there, were there any famous mathematicians (check out their background and social status), can you make a claim that math was ruling that society?
  6. Indian numeric system and how it developed.
    Some say that Arabic numbers evolved from the Indian system. Is that so? Can you make an argument about it?
  7. Game theory and its application.
    Review the game theory and then link it to different experiments/projects in the real world now and in the past.
  8. Math in nature.
    Math is said to be all about nature or the laws of nature. Find out what are the most prominent examples of mathematic laws in nature.
  9. Math in Middle Ages.
    People know that the Middle Ages were “dark”. What was the role of math there?
  10. Euclidian geometry.
    Here you should review it and tell a story of its birth. It’s a popular topic for a research paper. A website containing different historical insights could be very helpful here, as this topic is a lot about history.
  11. Can one build a house without math?
    Is math crucial for architecture?
  12. Math in high schools around the world: basic knowledge.
    What are the limits of high school math education all over the world? Check out data from different countries and then math tests result in different parts of the world!

The Most Important Thing to Keep in Mind When Working on Math Research Paper
There is one thing you should remember when working on that paper: don’t panic. As you see, math can be linked to physics, architecture, history, or even sociology. If you’re assigned a paper, simply choose a topic you know you can deal with.
If you think that writing it will be too complicated, you could purchase research papers online or hire a writer to do it for you. But you definitely don’t have to be a math genius or know theorems by heart to write a decent research work that will be worth an A+. Try to focus on the things you know, start researching, and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance if you feel like it’s too much for you.

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