Making A Strong Thesis Statement In History Research Paper

If you have to write a college research paper in history, it’s very important to craft a strong thesis statement for it. A thesis statement is the expression of your paper’s main idea or argument. If you compose it in a weak manner, the readers might not clearly understand the importance of your topic.
History Research Paper Writing Help: Creating a Decent Thesis Statement
First of all, you should know that it’s important to start crafting your thesis statement after you’ve chosen a specific topic to discuss and conducted a study on it. Only then, you’ll have enough information to create a strong thesis that will clearly show your reader what to expect from your paper. To create an excellent thesis statement, ask yourself the following questions when working on it:

  • Does my thesis answer the prompt?
    Having composed your thesis statement, you should reread the prompt in your assignment guidelines and make sure you’ve addressed it directly.
  • Does my thesis represent a position that can be opposed?
    If you’re simply stating a fact in your thesis that nobody would challenge, you aren’t making an argument but rather providing a summary.
  • Is my statement specific enough?
    Thesis statements that are vague usually don’t provide a strong argument. Try to make every word in your thesis mean something.
  • Do my thesis statement and paper support each other?
    In the writing process, you might notice that your thesis statement and the actual body of your paper address slightly different issues. Before your paper is submitted, you should make changes either in the former or latter to make them clearly connected to each other.

For example, if you’re required to compare the reasons for the North and South to fight in the American Civil War, you can compose the following thesis:
There were many reasons for the North and South to fight. Some of them were different and some the same.
This will be a weak thesis for a professional research paper because it restates the prompt and doesn’t provide any additional information. To make your thesis strong, you should formulate it like this:
Both the North and South believed they fought against oppression and tyranny. However, the North focused on the oppression of slaves and the South defended their right to self-government.
Finding the best research paper writing service
If you lack the time to write your history term paper, you can hire a writing company to complete your academic task for you. However, if you want to earn the highest score for a custom paper, you should make a deal with a truly professional company. Follow these tips when searching for a service to work with:

  • Check a company’s website.
    Competent agencies always have the websites of top quality. If you enter a cheap-looking online resource, it’s likely to be owned by amateurs.
  • Check a company’s client support.
    The support of a professional service should be maintained day and night. They should answer all your questions politely, clearly, and quickly.
  • Check a company’s writers.
    The writers of a reliable agency should have a good education and plenty of experience. Companies that refuse to share information about their writers shouldn’t be trusted.
  • Check a company’s guarantees.
    Amateur agencies that offer cheap research papers for sale don’t give assurances because the quality of their services is low. Professionals, on the other hand, always have guarantees for their clients.

Now, you know the basics of how to create a good thesis statement for your history paper. Remember, however, that a strong thesis alone won’t guarantee you an excellent grade. You should put some effort when composing all the sections of your academic work to impress your teacher of history.

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